Myth vs Facts


Bella has a new job

With all the attention we have been getting lately, I’ve noticed a lot of myths surrounding service dogs floating around on the comments section of different articles. I’ve decided that I think it is time to post about a lot of myths and facts that surround service dogs, their handlers and the team its self. Education is one of the most important parts of reaching equality for service dog teams. Some of these will be kind of obvious and others will be new. I got some of these from other service dog teams. Keep in mind these are questions many teams have heard or come a cross during their time as a service team.

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Greet Bella (Greeting part 2)

Bella always is in work mode even when she doesn't look like it

Bella always is in work mode even when she doesn’t look like it

I just posted about Petting and acknowledging Bella. I mentioned that I don’t like to, but if I allow you to “pet” Bella there are a few things you need to know. The first being, it is not “petting” it is called greeting. It is really important to understand that greeting is a command that Bella knows, and she has rules that are involved. So I would like to walk all of you through how Bella greets.

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