It’s been 3 years


Cute picture for the start of a very personal post.

It’s August and as most of my followers know, August is never a good month for me. I’ve debated what to write for a few days now. Do I write the nitty-gritty and personal so people see what it’s like, or do I sugar coat it so people don’t get upset reading it? I’ve decided to do a mix of both. I want to write a quick disclaimer first, I am working closely with my medical team and family so I am safe. I don’t want anyone to read this and worry about my safety. Secondly I will be talking about suicide so this is a trigger warning to some of my friends. And Third, per usual, I am not looking for sympathy, I am hoping to help others reach understanding. So here it goes.

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To Help You Understand

Disclaimer: Very long post

Physical Mental

(Not so) Helpful advice

Some times I don’t think People really understand what it’s like to have a mental illness. Why would they? It’s complicated. When someone has an illness you can see or an illness that is talked about more, they because easier to understand. When someone we care about has a cold or the flu, we worry about him or her. Family will make sure they have soup or tea or medication or that they are drinking enough. Even people you don’t see or talk to often will ask you how you are feeling and tell you its okay to miss something if you have to.

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The Fall

Disclaimer, this series of post will focus on my opinion, my fight and me. For me this takes a lot of courage, I might face fall out or bashing but I know the support I will receive and the information i can give to others will help make it worth it. Please read with an open mind and leave your judgy pants at the blog post door.

While this post is sad, The support of my family is what helped make it a happy ending.

While this post is sad, The support of my family is what helped make it a happy ending.

Last August, my life spiraled out of control. In July I made the decision to go off of my depression medication. I convinced my doctor, my family and myself that I only needed them to get through the stress of college. I knew it was a lie. I told it anyway, I said all the right things to get the okay to go off them. You are probably wondering why and it is simple. I was under the impression that needing medication for my depression made me weak. Society may not realize it, or maybe it does, but it is constantly belittling Mental Illnesses. Many people will say things like “Just think positive” or “I get sad some times too and I don’t need meds” or “are you doing this for attention because there are better ways.” All of these comments and more lead many MI sufferers to go off medication.


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