Update on us

We still celebrated a great Gotcha day… even though it involved a hospital trip.


Hey readers!

This is going to be shorter than usual but given all of you wonderful people who follow my story I just wanted to give an explanation for my/our absence. (plus fun photos) I’m really sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I try to write once a month but have slacked this year. I’ve a bunch of post that I have started but can’t finish and I just wanted to let you know why.

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It’s not all in my head

Just doing DPT at the ER

There is more to having a Mental illness than just being in your brain. The pain can also be very physically real.

Today, I resigned myself to the fact that it was time to write another blog post. Last week, I promised my friends on Facebook that I would write a blog about people interactions with Bella, but after the week I have had, I am writing something else. Also, a heads up, I wrote this on my phone so I am sorry if the format is different than usual.

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Why a service dog?

The dog that is always on alert

The dog that is always on alert

Recently with everything happening, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding treatment and whether others should pursue their own service dog. I want to start by saying I am not a medical professional and do not feel comfortable advising others what is the best form of treatment for them. So instead I want to talk a little bit about the process I went though to decide on a service dog, re explain the difference between Service dogs, emotional support animals and therapy dogs and some pros and cons. I am hoping this will clear up some things about me and Bella as a team, try to help guide others on how to approach a doctor about this treatment. Be prepared for a longer blog.

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Myth vs Facts


Bella has a new job

With all the attention we have been getting lately, I’ve noticed a lot of myths surrounding service dogs floating around on the comments section of different articles. I’ve decided that I think it is time to post about a lot of myths and facts that surround service dogs, their handlers and the team its self. Education is one of the most important parts of reaching equality for service dog teams. Some of these will be kind of obvious and others will be new. I got some of these from other service dog teams. Keep in mind these are questions many teams have heard or come a cross during their time as a service team.

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