Update on us

We still celebrated a great Gotcha day… even though it involved a hospital trip.


Hey readers!

This is going to be shorter than usual but given all of you wonderful people who follow my story I just wanted to give an explanation for my/our absence. (plus fun photos) I’m really sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I try to write once a month but have slacked this year. I’ve a bunch of post that I have started but can’t finish and I just wanted to let you know why.

One of many hospital trips this year.

Some of you know and some do not, but my health has not been good this year. Particularly in the last few months, I’ve been really sick. Since July I have had 8 infusion treatments, 2 ER visits, way too many doctor appointments to count, 2 CT scans, lots of blood work and a lot of unsure results.

This is what happens when you need medical help but you shut the bathroom door and Bella can’t leave. She was yipping to Andrew

The decrease in my health has made it really difficult to do the things I love.  This especially includes writing because a fun new symptom is memory issues. Also my headaches are worse and the two make writing really difficult. It took me a while to write just this.

Anyway, we have a few new diagnosis ideas going around; but right now, I am trying to adjust to the new normal and getting better before I start sharing. I know I share a lot, but I’m still trying to process everything and will share in due time. The main addition to my medical chart is nothing bad, and explains a lot. A few things are being reconsidered as true diagnoses. No one can ever agree on labels because some invisible illnesses are hard to diagnose. The other big issue is just me being sick and my immune system sucking.

He’s going ask me to take this down but this man is amazing. He is there every moment I need.

On top of my health, life has been really busy but that’s good. Nothing else new to report from this house. Man, without my medical issues we would be down right boring. Okay, that’s a lie, we have two dogs and they are always interesting. Do not ask about the incident involving three dogs and 4lbs of raw hamburger. It’s a sore subject.

Our two trouble making dogs. Henry was mad Bella got a toy even though he did too.

That’s all for now, but hope to be back soon. as always, I hope all of you are well too. Stay strong


Valerie and Bella (the boys too)






Here is just a funny to read picture if you want. It’s exactly what going to the doctor/hospital is like.

9 thoughts on “Update on us

  1. Valerie, so sorry to hear all that has been going on. Please know you can call and if I can I’ll support you how is best for you. Prayers !

  2. Thanks for the update. Hope that your life, the new normal, becomes a bit easier for you. I am so glad that you have such a good support system in Bella and your husband. That makes a huge difference in one’s life when dealing with health issues.

  3. So good to hear from you, Valerie, and see your happy face with your beloved dogs, too! Working on being as well as possible takes a lot of time and energy! Thinking of you.

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