The Zombie Chasing a Sparkling Squirrel

Aka The Curse of the Brain Fog

Okay this will be the shortest blog in my blog history but I had to write it and I think it will inspire me to write more short blogs. Usually I would post this just on the FB page but today I am making it a post. Why? I am not sure but hang on with me and beware it will be scattered.


Have you ever wondered why a psychiatric patient would want to go off their very important life dependent medications? I am here with the answer. Symptoms and SIDE EFFECTS. Side effects that we just want to go away. Most of my medications cause side effects like weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, depression, dizziness, and headaches. You know, all the things they should be treating. That’s the trick most of the time they work but occasionally they exasperate my already there symptoms. Try explaining to someone, that you are crying because your anti-depressant is making you depressed cause that’s a blast.

ANY WAY, my biggest two side effects are brain fog and attention issues. I pretty much become a zombie chasing squirrels and sparkly things. Hence why this post is on the silly side.


Today I got off work at about 4 and I don’t really know what happened between my Boss’s house and mine but I apparently decided I needed to stop at target. This sounds normal for most people but in all honesty for me this is not normal. At all. I hate stores, and avoid them like the plague. Even target. So I end up at target because I needed something, what I don’t know. I end up in the clothes section looking at things I don’t need when Bella Kindly and quietly guides me to the nearest dressing room because I went from attention everywhere to brain fogged zombie. About 15 minutes later I find myself in the dressing room with clothes I haven’t touched and a lady asking if I need anything. 20 minutes later I have stuff I don’t remember trying on, in my basket, and I am wandering the toy isle. Bella being Bella takes me to the front of the store to take me out to the car. (Don’t worry I have a receipt to prove I paid for my stuff) I get to my car and it is 5:30!!! 5:30. What I was doing for an hour and a half I don’t know.


I refocus and use grounding techniques so I can go home because I know that this is far from over. After 3 Bella safety stops and a stop for a slushy, that I dropped before getting to my car, I am home in my house wondering what happened to my slushy. It is now 6pm and I really am lost. I meant to work on some things, I meant to clean the house but brain fog claimed me as its capture, and I did nothing for 3.5 hours (I painted my nails I guess)

So this post is mainly for my fellow sufferers and to let you know that Brain fog is an evil mastermind (censored word here) that makes me lose time and spend money and I feel your pain because none of it makes any sense what so ever because it makes your life feel like a giant run-on sentence with no point.

But at least I bought …. Hmm I wonder what I bought?

Good night everyone


PS tomorrow is Wednesday, if any of you are like me, today felt like Monday.


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