“I’m not Sorry.” My new years resolution.

It is that time of year that everyone is setting their new years resolutions and every year I say “oh I should come up with one” but let’s be honest, a lot of them take up a lot of time. Last year I said I was going to Blog more and work out more and, well, that didn’t happen. If you are anything like me, I lack the motivation to make time to work out everyday and I like certain foods way too much to diet. I want to clarify by saying I greatly admire those who make big life changing new years goals and actually follow through. But this year I found one that I actually want to follow through on. I want to start saying I am sorry less.

That is a bold statement I know, but there is a reason. It all started with this article I found on Bright Side.


Cartoon from Bright Side

Cartoon from Bright Side

Basically, the article points out that a lot of times instead of saying I’m sorry, we should be saying thank you. I am a huge culprit of this. After reading this article I spent a week thinking about it and how many times I say I am sorry for things that aren’t my fault. I asked Andrew about it and he said, “yeah you do say it more than you need too” my response? “Oh, I’m sorry”.

Now there definitely is a place for “sorry” and there are many times that it needs to be said but just stop and think about how many times we apologize for things out of our control. This is where the article made me think, why are we apologizing for being the person we turned out to be? Why are we apologizing when other people don’t like something about us? And why do we some times expect others to apologize for the same thing?

As I write this, I realize it won’t be as easy as I want, and it’s actually going to be pretty difficult. I mean it has been so engraved in my brain and become second nature to apologize, that it will be difficult to stop this knee jerk reaction.

But, as the old year ends and a new begins, I hope that I can stop saying I am sorry for who I am and I hope I can start to say thank you for the people who like me to be who I am, quirks and all. So, thank you all for listening to my insight and Thank you for being supportive of my personality, struggles and life.

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