Reactions Part 1: What did you just ask?

Okay leading up to my manners post I would like to post some of my favorite most ridiculous reactions and questions to Bella. Some of these you will have heard before and others will be new, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did, because some days, the best way to get by is to laugh at the ridiculousness of those around me.

What did you ask? Even Bella finds some questions a little crazy.

What did you ask? Even Bella finds some questions a little crazy.

  1. While in a bookstore, I was reading book titles with Bella sitting beside me when a man walked up. This is what followed:
    “Excuse me is that a seeing-eye dog?”
    I turned around to look at the guy, Unsure how to act, when he just looked mortified and walked away.
  2. While in the Mall of America we met a lot of excellent reactions:
    • One gentleman spotted Bella from many feet away and threw his hands in the air, and started yelling, “I’m afraid of dogs! I’m afraid of dogs!” the best part of this was that he was working a kiosk and while yelling that he didn’t like Bella he tried getting my mom to come over and buy something. Bella looked at him like he was crazy.
    • Another girl had a similar reaction. We were walking down the hall and there was a group of teenagers walking in our direction. My mom and I didn’t think anything of it and continued talking and walking. Bella was in between us. Most of the group noticed and began separating to walk around us but one girl was to engrossed in her conversation to noticed. As she got closer, my mom and I started moving to the side when the girl looked down and saw Bella and Screamed. I mean it sounded like a clown with a chain saw walked around the corner and was right in front of her. Bella Jumped. Then the girl screamed bloody murder and then, “oh my GOD there is a dog in the mall!” I looked at her taken aback, she blushed then turned around said, “I cant believe I just did that” and sorta ran away from us and her friends.
  3. In November we flew to Massachusetts, and the airport opened up a gateway of fantastic reactions.
    • This was the first time we had a lot of people taking photos and videos of us. This has happened a lot since then and still baffles me.While on the plane, a kid about my age who was sitting next to us began taking photos of Bella in our seat, when I asked him how many photos he had of Bella on his phone, he was embarrassed I noticed and stammered “um maybe just 1…”
    • We got video walking to the bathroom.
    • An older man pulled us aside and asked to take out picture because we were nice.
    • A lady got mad at us because we were suppose to sit next to her in a row with extra leg room, and requested that the flight attendant make us move so her husband could sit next to her. Even though he was sitting across the aisle from her. When the flight attendant explained that row was the only one with enough room for Bella, she requested that we push Bella under a chair further back. (Bella is a full-grown lab, how I was supposed to do this I don’t know). The flight attendant was frustrated because this lady had delayed boarding by 20 minutes and said that was like suggesting that the lady put her baby under the seat in front of her. The lady huffed and took someone else’s seat so she wouldn’t have to sit next to the dog. But a little 9-year-old boy happily took her seat so he could sit next to the dog.
  4. Not all reactions were bad though, I had multiple people come up and tell me how beautiful she was and how we made a great team.
  5. The worst of all was when we had to leave a hockey game. (Please note this has since been resolved) Now is not the time to go into what happened, but I want to say one of the excuses that was given because it made me giggle. I was told that the employees are wary about people sneaking dogs into the arena. He then explained that people do this by putting their dogs in their coat or purse, so that is why the guy jumped to conclusions and thought I snuck her in. My question is… how do you sneak a 65 lb yellow lab in under your coat? I guess I could pull a Scooby doo and dress her in a trench coat and hat and have her walk upright in to where we are going but that’s not what happened.
  6. There are a few that happen more regularly like Baby talk, and making faces and photos. These always annoy me a little bit but make me crack up because of how ridiculous these people look.
  7. While shoe shopping a week ago, a guy asked me if I was training and after turning to him and responding: no, she’s mine. He then asked if she was for blind or disaster. I’m still unsure of that response because A) I just said she was mine and looked at you so I’m obviously not blind, and B) what is a disaster dog and why would she be in the mall.
  8. While at the Sioux Falls mall, I walked into bath and body works and the following happened.
    Lady: (Looking at Bella and crouching down to her level) “Ohh who have we here!? Your not our typical customer. (Best baby talk voice) You’re soo cute and precious but I don’t think we have anything here for you.
    Me: Well, we aren’t exactly here for her…
    The lady looks up at me and I kid you not she jumped and looked surprised to see me.
    Lady: (looks back down at Bella) Maybe we can get you some cracked paw treatment (high pitch laugh) I use the human version but it may work for you. Lets go look at it.
    Me: Um actually I think we are going to go over here… but thanks?
    It was fantastic

Well these are all I have for now. I hope reading some of this ridiculousness will help prepare you for Part 2 of What to do around a service dog. Please remember, by posting these I don’t mean to offend anyone I just want to show some of the reasons I feel so strongly about my next post and why I encourage so many to be educated when it comes to service dogs.





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